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Cutstock Inventory

Wholesale Only

Eastern White Pine
Clear Cut Stock

2327 pcs. 3/4"X3/4"X18"
1625 pcs. 3/4"X3/4"X20"
1458 pcs. 3/4X15/16"X16"
1036 pcs. 3/4"X15/16"X18"
2705 pcs. 3/4"X1"X16"
310 pcs. 3/4"X1-1/4"X16"
  5220 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X20"
2610 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X25"
1136pcs. 15/16"X1-3/4"X18"
4814 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X20"
1667 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X25"
692 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X36"
445 pcs. 15/16"X1-1/2"X42"
225 pcs. 3/4X1-3/4"X66"
2912 pcs. 3/4"X1-7/8"X16"
752 pcs. 3/4X1-7/8"X18"
3316 pcs. 3/4"X1-7/8"X20"
1035 pcs. 15/16"X1-7/8"X27"
374 pcs. 1-1/4"X1-7/8"X16"
668 pcs. 1-1/4"X1-7/8"X18"

Clear F/J Blocks
 6990' 1-1/2", 1-7/8", 2-3/8", 3-5/8", palletized

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Phone :518-733-6085
Fax     :518-733-6087
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